Tuesday, July 6, 2010


This morning I walked Luna.

I picked these.

I ran some very important errands and popped into my first farmers market of the summer.

I got all this.

And these.

I made this.

Sophia and her friend Zach made this gorgeous carrot cake that is awaiting me in the fidge.  They made it with carrots from our garden, and about the most expensive walnuts ever purchased by anyone.  I guess when you tell teenagers to go get some raw walnuts in the health food store and then don't bother to check the price per pound or the receipt...that's what you get.  I will let you know if it was worth it.

I love summer.  

I didn't always, when I was kid I was bored and missed school.  I was weird. 

But now I love summer with everything I've got.  

Summer makes me want to breathe deep, ride my bike, eat my vegetables, read, hike, drink iced tea, hang out with the kids, (Notice it isn't play with the kids anymore, I have been informed by Sophia that she doesn't "play" anymore.  Wait till she finds out what a huge mistake that is.  Good thing it is an easy fix.), grill, walk to the ice cream store, garden, paint, ride a cowboy...I mean horse, watch the sun go down, walk through the cemetery at twilight with the kids, (I hope they get so scared they cry and I have to hold them.), picnic, go to the creek and oh that's right...BREATHE DEEP.

I hope you all are enjoying your summer and that you get to ride a horse.  Or whatever floats your boat. 
 And that you remember to BREATHE DEEP, because it is good for you.

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