Thursday, July 22, 2010


It's pretty dangerous around my house.

I live in the wilds of Oregon, on acres of open plains and dense lush forest where I encounter wildlife daily.

No... I don't.

I live about 5 block from the University of Oregon...home of the Ducks.

I can see into my neighbors windows.

But still, sometimes I fear from my life.

Like when one of these shows up.

It almost bit my face and sent me to the hospital with it's venom fangs.

Alright...not really.  I was standing on the rock wall screaming while I bossed Marcus on how to take pictures of it.

I hate snakes.  I really, really dislike them...I know a certain someone in my life that is opposed to the word hate...she thinks it's too strong of a word to use in everyday life.  This certain someone happens to be Kai's girlfriend and a sweetie pie.  I have lots of respect for her and I have so much learn from I am taking her lead on this one.  But...has she ever seen a snake?  I mean's eyes?

I don't even like snake skin wallets or shoes...or even purses.

Enough about me, back to the snake.

We would never have know the snake was here, but that our cat was making a big fuss and led us right to him. 
 Good kitty.

This cat...Kitty Gato is pretty bad ass.  

But he gets kinda tired though.  I know how he feels.

One thing is for sure...the snake did not like the all.

Marcus wouldn't let the cat kill the snake.  He let him play with it for a while and then he chased the cat away.

  If it had been up to me, you all would have been getting snake skin wallets for Christmas.

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