Thursday, July 15, 2010

Keepin' it Real

I don't really like technology.

I am of the mind that if we put down our iPhones, blackberry's, stepped away from the TV and the computer, quit with the texting, took the ipods out of the kids ears, we could all get back closer to our humanity...look each other in the eye and say hello.  

But keep in mind, I have a cell phone, a laptop I am using right now, everyone in my house has an ipod, we have movie nights as a family, I just recently got a texting plan and I went over my monthly limit, when I go to the gym I listen to my ipod on a treadmill while watching TV, and I love my calculator. (I am not very good at math.)

So when the new iPad came out and there was all this hoopla about it, I didn't really pay much attention.   Then I went to the Mac store with Sophia to get her ipod that she had been saving up for, and  the iPad was front and  center on it's own little kiosk.  I went over checked it out...and thought to myself...

What's the big deal? 
 It is a big what?  
What can it really do that an itouch or computer can't do?
It's just another thing people buy because it is the latest Apple toy.

So I went on to bad mouth it to everyone.  Okay, just the poor people in the car on the way home. 
Then I think I bad mouthed it a couple of times to a few other people.  I basically dismissed it as another useless tech toy.

I was spouting my anti-technology superiority.  You is evil, it's just a tool...nothing more...why do they keep shoving this stuff down our throats?  During my rant I may or may not have mentioned ..fossil fuel is the devil, people who shop at Wal-Mart are ruining the world, don't these people know that organics will save the earth?...that kind of pompous rhetoric that I sometimes find myself thinking and god help me...saying.

Then  along comes something that puts me back in my place.  Shuts me up.  Humbles me.  Makes me eat my words. 

 The universe is working just as it's keeping it real.  Keeping me real.

I hope you enjoy this...I sure did.

Thanks iPad.

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  1. Amazing! Wow--what talent! and...I like the music too.