Friday, July 23, 2010

Berry Lovely

I posted  on my Facebook page the other day that I went raspberry picking and then I made jam.

Well...I really did do that.  Honestly...

On my excursion...these were my companions.

As you can clearly see...they were very excited to join me.  
Notice the earphones Sophia is using?  They block out all instructions.

Then they warmed up.

So much so that they went as far away from me as they could.
Good riddance! 

Apparently I was causing them to miss calls from very important people and taking up valuable time they could be using to play on the computer.  
How awful of insensitive and selfish.

The kids saw our day like this.

I however, I was looking at this.

And these.

Eventually we all got to the top of our buckets, with a little encouragement and help.

And look...we were even proud of ourselves.  Imagine that?
They still don't like me though.

Once we came home.  I went to work.

I like berries, especially raspberries and blueberries because there isn't very much work to do to use them, like pitting and peeling.  I don't like doing extra work I don't have to.

Aren't they pretty?

Ever make jam?  It is soooo much fun!  Way more fun than laundry and dishes.



I made 13 of these scarlet gems.  I am all set for winter on the jam front.  
Plus I froze two giant gallon ziplock full the whole berries.
Squirrels ain't got nothing on me!

It was Kai's birthday yesterday.  So I did this too.

Birthday breakfast in bed.  I didn't let him eat it in bed...but it was taken to him in bed.

Sophia so graciously made her brother's birthday cake...and used the berries.

And I made myself a little afternoon parfait after all my hard work.

I am savoring the last few berries I have in fridge...they are mine...all mine.

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