Wednesday, July 7, 2010

BFF...(Best Friends Forever)

It is supposed to be 95 degrees here in Eugene OR.

No two ways about is going to be hot!

Now I realize that I lived in Phoenix for 5 years and we had weeks on end of days over 100 degrees...months actually. (118 degrees being the hottest I ever expierienced.)  But I was slightly insane while I lived there.  There are people who can testify to that.

So now I am not insane, (There isn't anyone who will testify to that.) and 95 seems  really hot.  

We have no air conditioner though.  

I may have to hurt people.

Unless I am lucky enough to find a friend that I can do this with.

Now...these two aren't just friends they are cousins and I am recently informed BEST friends as well.

It comforts me to know that even if you aren't lucky enough to have a sister, or a cousin that is your best friend, you can find someone that will fit the bill.  The world is set up for us to do this, isn't that nice?

Girls need their girls no question.  Husbands and brothers, boyfriends and guy friends are all swell, but did any of your guy friends ever do this with you?

Find and nurture those friendships, they are so important, even as we get older...especially as we get older!

Oh and when choosing a best friend, make sure you  can do dishes together. 
It is pretty much a requirement.
Because if you can do dishes together and have a good know it's gonna last.

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