Monday, July 12, 2010

Beautiful Things

I really love beautiful things.  I love beautiful jewelry, clothes, kitchen ware, books, art, shoes, name it...if it is beautiful, I like it.

I have struggeled all my life, I think as we all do, to balance out what I "have to have" and what I can appriciate, but not need to live with in my home.

It is really hard for me.  I love stuff.  But lucky for me, I also don't like clutter.  I like space and clean surfaces.( My closet is a whole other story that we won't touch on today because I just can't deal with it at the moment, but that day is coming.  And if Marcus has anything to do with is coming sooner rather than later.)

Any who...I like to shop for pretty things.  I like to see lovely things and I like to take them home with me.

But with age comes a better understanding of oneself and the least that is the hope.  So as I have gotten older and wiser, I have learned discipline about my buying habits and my "having to have it" habits.  Which is to say I have tried to balance my worldly things with everything else.  Especially my checkbook. Not my strong suit, it is a work in progress.

So the rule is now... I have to love it to bring it home.  It has to bring me joy.  Even if it is already in my home, if it isn't bringing me joy or serving a purpose...donation.  I love second hand stuff and I love to give my stuff to a new home and know that someone else gets to enjoy it.  Spreading the love.

It also cuts down on "new stuff" in the world that has to be produced and resources used to make the "new stuff".  (I like saving the world too.)  Most things with a little love and soap and water are as good a new and sometimes better.  With the obvious exceptions like undies and sox, and bras and things that just look icky.

But in the end...sometimes my love of beautiful things wins out, in spite of clutter, and balance and saving the planet and saving for the kids college education.

 On my trip to CA a few weeks ago, I shopped with Nava, my shoe-a-holic sister, who by the way loves to shop even more than I do.

I picked up a few things, and was given a few things and even made something that I just love while I was there.  So now I have to go into my life, (and eventually my closet) and send  a few things to ole' St. Vinny.

 If you like beautiful things, check out this stuff...I think they're pretty bitchin'.

I love this shirt...feminine....I need more feminine in my life.

I was going to just get one of these...but Nava said it would be sad alone and needed a friend.

This shrit fits Sophia and was $.25...and who doesn't love Wavy Gravy?

Oh...hey...I made these while at my dad's.  I saw some on my godmother and loved them...went home and whipped up a pair.  Hand hammered and everything.

My dad gave it to me...

And these.

This was for he can represent.

All the loot...

And this little gem I just picked up today...

at TJ Maxx...

Because who doesn't love clearance?

Oh and did I mention that I really, really, really like when people give me things...especially handmade things that they got because they thought of me.  Don't get me wrong, I like even things that are not hand made, it's just that handmade things strike a cord.  I don't descriminate...I like all gifts...just so you know.

Our dear friends here in Eugene got these things for the family because we watched their dog while they were at the Country Fair.  These friends of ours...they know how to give...not just gifts...but give in the true sense of the word.  I love them...and not just because they give me things.  It does help though.

This is what the bottle looks like when it hasn't been shaken...but then...

it's Magic.  Like the true Harry Potter kind.  I'm pretty sure.

And then there was this.  I am calling it the Olive Dish.  This is what it looks like sitting on my table.

But I think this is how it is suppose to be looked at.  

I don't know how I am going to get the olives to stay like this...but you can bet I am gonna try.  Because I like things to be experienced at their best.


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  1. We are so much alike! I love beautiful things, but hate clutter. I almost have trouble breathing if a space is too crowded. Every summer I go through some area of my house and just get rid of things and organize the rest. Of course, there are still areas that "look" cluttered, but my house is small and I've lived a pretty long life (hallelujah). I noticed my self pointing out things to my friend yesterday, like orange nasturtiums peeking though a white picket fence and another fence that someone built with beautiful wood and a wave/curvy shape to the top of it--seems like most people just drive by, but I can't help noticing...which is why I probably shouldn't be driving! Love the blouse and the hoop earrings! ss
    p.s. your sister is right: the bird would have been lonely by itself.