Friday, September 10, 2010

Shiny, bright, texture...

I have been working...(slowly between card games and snacks.)...on jewelry.

I love jewelry.  I love pretty sparkly, textured, shiny, adornments.

There are many ideas about why we as a people wear jewelry.   But rather than look up all those reasons and share them with you here as I might on another day, (I have too much to do, like sit still and soak up the quiet house before the kids get home and want to talk to me about their day.  They are pretty selfish that way.) I will just share why I like jewelry so much.

1.  Both my parents were silversmiths.  They made jewelry for a living.  It's in my blood.

2.  I love color and texture in any form...any creative, artistic way.

3.  When I find a piece that I connect makes me feel good to wear it.  In the 80's and early 90's and maybe still some new age circles...these pieces would be considered Power Pieces.  They might even help you connect to your totem animal...the possibilities are endless it seems.

4.  I love to see other people's adornments, I always think it makes them look beautiful and interesting.  It also makes me think I should get up earlier and put something like that on as well,  instead of throwing on the pants and sweater closet to my side of the bed and calling it good.

5.  I think you can learn a lot about a person by what they chose to wear for jewelry.  Neither good nor bad, simply interesting.  Okay...sometimes it goes to a bad place...but at least those aesthetically challenged individuals have style, it may not be mine but at least they have one.

6.  It is one of only a handful of art forms we put on our bodies, which makes it VERY personal.

7.  Unlike tattoos, we can change out our jewelry to suit our ever changing moods and phases of life.

8.  It is sometimes a conversation starter.  (I sometimes find it hard to start conversations, and also difficult to keep them going.  I get weirder and weirder in my advancing years.)

9.  It's creative...there are not rules except the ones you make!  Those are the kind of rules I like!  Those are really the only kind I can follow...and I even struggle with those.  Someone help me...I have issues.

This "body of work" has been under way for several years give or take, I am just now feeling as though it is beginning to have a life of it's own.  It is beginning to be more than...just a "piece of jewelry".  It is more a series and less a mish mash assortment of random things I like and more...a look. 

I may be slow (in more ways than one) and I may be easily distracted by things like snacks, road work outside my window, and toe fuzz, but I eventually get there.  

That is the important thing...right?

So what happens now with all this I am making?  

Hopefully I won't just put it in a pretty box in my desk and pull it out to look at when I am feeling down.  Don't be surprised if that happens though.  

Someone help seems to be a pattern I have.

Don't fall into my pattern...get help quick...there is still hope for you.

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