Thursday, September 30, 2010


One of the  big announcements I wanted to share with you all is that I am leaving the country.

I am going to visit America's Sombrero.  Yes that's right, for the next week I will only be singing..."Oh Canada" and eating gravy covered french fries.  I may play hockey...who knows.

I have never been to Canada.  I was there once when I was too young to remember...and that doesn't count.  I may not remember this time either, but it will be for different reasons.

My traveling companions have no relation to me at all.  But I love them as if they did, maybe a little more because they don't.

My traveling companions will not be bringing their children.   Neither will I. 
There will be no husbands or partners.

Just the girls.  

Just the girls for reasons so obvious that I shouldn't have to say...but we all need reminding sometimes.

Woman need to unite.  Woman need to rally.  Woman need to bond.  Woman need to share.  Woman need to dance.  Woman need to rejuvenate.  Woman need to laugh.  Woman need to cry.

My traveling companions and I will be doing all of these things.

Because that is what we women do.

So ladies...go get your girls and do what you and your girls do togehter.

My girls and I...we will be drinking.  And eating.  And dancing.  And laughing.


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