Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A place for everything...everything in it's place

Since moving to Oregon, I have lived in three houses.  The one I am currently in is by far my most favoritist house.  My most favoritist ever really.  I have been here a year and have just now...this weekend, set up a place for me to work.  I am a little slow on the up take.

An area for all my stuff, an area that isn't in the basement.  An area I love.  An area that I can leave my stuff and it won't be in the way.

This area has a pretty red table that Marcus  fixed up so that I can use it like a drafting table of sorts.

This pretty red table can fit my computer, a cup of tea/coffee, works in progress, my camera and it's special bag, my journal and my pencils...and there might even be room for a sandwich, but I haven't tried that yet, but I am working on it.

This area is also shared with Sophia's violin practice area.

This area is also shared with the TV area...this is by no means an accident.  Sometimes I like to watch Food Network while I work.

From this area I can hear Marcus hard at work...(In a digital voice)"Welcome to the Conference Center...please enter your pass code."

I can also shut the pretty french doors and hear, "...............(The sounds of silence)"

From this area I can see trees and sky from my pretty red table.

This area is only one door away from my bedroom, incase I get sleepy and need a little nap.

It is wonderful to have a place for my work...just for my work.  It is wonderful to have a place for all my stuff.

I think it is important to carve out a little place for just you, even if it is just a corner, or shelf or drawer.

I am so lucky to have all of this.

Pretty red table, violin on the wall in the background.

Coffee cup, works in progress, computer, journal, pencils.  It will never be this orderly again.

Wool...I have a lot of wool.  It will never be this orderly again.

Jewelry stuff and office stuff,  a kitty cat and half of the french door that can be shut any time I please.

Everything else, art books, scissors, rulers, paper, cards, glue...I am sure more will pile up there, I already see stuff I didn't put on there. Darn kids!

My view.  It will soon have fewer leaves and less blue sky.

My view of Marcus and then a view of his office space.  He doesn't need much room for stuff, he doesn't have much stuff, most of his work is cyber work.  He doesn't have a view of trees and sky...but he has a nice skylight right over his desk, which is lovely in the winter.
 His space is never this orderly...he gave it a spruce up when we were putting my space together.  He is pretty competitive that way.  But my space is still prettier...and always will be.

So now I will be working more often and with better results I am sure of it.  

Stay tuned to the blog for some big announcements.  

I will give you some hints:

It may or may not involve crossing an international boarder.

It may or may not involve learning to tap dance.

It may or may not involve some dental work.

It may or may not involve an artistic collaboration with my sister Nava.

It may or may not involve eternal friendship.

It may or may not involve a chance to win paintings/felts and or jewelry.

It may or may not involve plastic surgery.

It may or may not involve a violin concerto.

It may or may not involve a granny panties.

And with that I leave you,
with the thought for the day...

A place for everything...and everything in it's place.

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