Tuesday, June 15, 2010

La Luz

I wanted to write about Sophia today.  Her spirit is such that to really write about her I would have to spend days and hours working and organizing and reorganizing.  I know because have been doing that. Every time I just can't seem to make it all say what I want about her, who she is, who she has been and who she is becoming.  For some reason I found myself bouncing around from idea to idea and never doing justice to any one aspect of who Sophia is.  That is the nature of our relationship.  That is the complexity of her spirit.  That is who Sophia is.
So instead of a long dialouge about my second child, I channeled her energy and made a list of things I love about her, things I admire about her, things I have observed about her, things I think are weird about her.  Just like any good mother does.

Here it is...

Sophia is turning 13 on Saturday.  Yikes stripes.

She like boys.  OMG.

She is totally someone I would have hung out with when I was her age.

She still plays school and is always the teacher and is very strict.

She is a tidy creature who doesn't like her food to be touching the other food on her plate.

The girl is fearless.  She cut all her hair off last year just because she could.  She wishes she could have it all back now, but she wanted to do it and she did it. And didn't end up crying like I would have.

 She loves sauerkraut and mushrooms, miso soup, kombuch and sushi...I love an adventurous eater.

 She slept through the night from the day we brought her home from the hospital and has been a great sleeper ever since.  I am so grateful.

She loves to read.  She is kinda stuck on teen books right at the moment which drives me crazy, but I know it is just a phase.  I mean I read all the Flowers in the Attic books at her age, and look at me...I'm perfect.

 She remembers to turn off a light when she leaves a room, she can multi-task and remember more than one thing at a time.

The girl is on the phone so much her ear might be deformed in 6-9 months, but  I liked to talk on the phone too when I was that age.  And again...see how good I turned out?

  She loves to cook and eat, we can really bond over this.

 Social Butterfly should have been her middle name, instead it is Luz, meaning Light.

Freckles...when she was little she told me she must have gotten them from her Uncle Peter, Marcus' brother.  I told her, "No, that is silly and don't tell your dad that...he might get the wrong idea."

She enjoys doing art with me.

She plays violin and it doesn't hurt my ears anymore.  It used to hurt really bad, we all knew it was a phase, but it was difficult for a while none the less.

I am so grateful her sense of style has progressed from dirty jeans the same softball sweatshirt.  There still aren't skirts or girly things, but we have to start somewhere.

 She tells me when she thinks I look beautiful...and appreciates when I do the same.

 She is an exceptional athlete...Really. I'm not saying that like a boastful parent does,  because that isn't the way I roll.  So when I say she is an exceptional athlete...she really is.

Sophia finds the best in everyone, she always has.


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  2. Awww that was really sweet. :)