Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year

Happy New Year!

I'm back in action.  Kids off to school, Christmas tree taken down, bedroom rearranged, workspace rearranged, travel dates lined up...it's all good.

I want to start by apologizing for the lie about the tamale recipe.  It wasn't really a lie,  I fully intended to get it all together and out there to you all, but alas a number of reasons kept me from doing it.  The biggest being that my iphoto library is stupid...yes...I said STUPID!  I digress.  

So another year begins and I have the opportunity to live on this earth, what a gift that really is.  How easily I forget to be grateful just for waking up.  How easily I take for granted the world around me and all it's beauty and possibility.

Well, this year will be different.

This year I am going to be perfect.

This year I am going to be a magical combo Mother Teresa, Selma Hyack, Barbara Kingsolver, Frieda Khalo, Martha Stewart, Hilliary Clinton and as always, a little Betty Ford.

This year I will be everything I ever wanted to be and more.

I will be kind, thoughtful, beautiful, smart, funny, athletic, good at singing, acting, dancing, good at moderation, generous, become a dog whisperer, I will go somewhere warm that I don't have to wear shoes...I will follow my heart.

I will blog more often, I will run more often, I will make the bed every day, I will do laundry before someone says, "I'm out of underwear.", I will pick up the phone and call the people I love more often, I will eat more Quinoa, I will exfoliate, I will be on Facebook less, I will tell my kids I love them more, I will kiss my kids more (first I will have to catch them, which means I will be running more often...two birds...one stone!).

 I will complain less.  I will remember I have a very beautiful life...everyday...every moment of my life.

Or maybe I will eat another Muffin that tastes like a Doughnut (Recipe forthcoming I swear!) and get back in bed...that is always and option.

We are Blessed to have been given this life and everything in it.

What we do with it and how we see it is our choice...Lucky us!

Let's broaden those horizons!

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  1. You all ready are perfect. Happy New Year.
    peace, donna