Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Photo Shoot

We here at Chez DeLap are a silly bunch.

We like to have fun with things that aren't suppose to be funny.

Our jokes are sometimes sacrilegious.

I come from a long line of sarcastic, sacrilegious, humorists.

The faint of heart sometimes have difficulty with this.

We usually only share this love of shocking humor with people we love and trust.

But today I am going to share with the universe.

Holiday pictures that arrive with your Christmas cards tend to be very serious.  Very "honoring the Savior and trying to look good at the same time."

A few years back, we thought...what if we mixed it up a bit?  For one thing...let's send out Christmas cards.  For another thing...lets send out a card that is funny.

We bought Hillbilly teeth.  I am certain our lord and savior would be offended by hillbilly teeth.  I am offended by hillbilly teeth.

We sent out pictures, regular family portraits, with our card. But we all had hillbilly teeth.

Our friends thought it was hilarious...some family members were offended.  (Not my family.)

The really great thing about the project was that we had the best time doing it.  We laughed and laughed and giggled, and fought...ahhh, Chez DeLap at it's finest.

This year we were at it again.

I am not sure when I will get these bad boys printed and sent out, maybe by Ground Hogs Day.  When is Ground Hogs Day?

This year again, as all pervious years...we had a blast.  An evening spent together...laughing and fighting.  Ain't nothin' like FAMILY!
We fought because everyone wasn't doing it my way.  Maybe they will listen better next year.

Getting in the mood...

"Oh yeah right Mom!..."

Actually enjoying himself.

Here it comes...

You will never see us the same again...

I warned you.

Getting ready is where the fun is really at.
See how much fun we are all having?

Those of us with a sense of style and artistry  were really gettin' our grove on.

Happy Holidays from our dysfunctional home to yours!


  1. I LOVE IT! Wow, the kids have really grown up(matured) since we last saw them. Not the little urchins we used to camp with anymore.

  2. Nalli, Just found your blog and I LOVE IT!!! your felt pieces are amazing!!!

    I would love to see more of your paintings if you have them .

    Hugs to your family

  3. You all are too funny! Did I ever show you our Holiday card of all of us naked in Hawaii? Unmentionables covered by forground rocks and other people. No wonder we get along so well!
    xo annie and the Willis Clan

  4. Nalii, these are absolutely hilarious!! I love the one of all of you being silly, especially Marcus...
    Sounds (and looks) like a really great holiday tradition! Happy holidays!

  5. The kids are soooo grown-up!!!!! I wish we could slow time down.
    Aunt Sharon

  6. I love your Christmas photos! How Funny!! And you've inspired me for next year, Thank You!