Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Macy's Mural

Have I told you that my parents were artists?

Bohemians?  They were/are artists doing "The Work".  Translated into todays lingo...they were Keepin' it Real. really appreciate what I mean by that, I thought I might share this little clip with you.

I found it by accident while I was looking for pictures of murals apprenticed with my dad while on the internet. (Those will be coming soon)

This was the early 80's.  '81-82?  It says 1974 on the video...but that couldn't be...I wasn't born yet.  And I remember the project.

If you watch this you might understand why I was never tamed...why I am so wild.  My parents were wild...they couldn't help it, they were/are artists.

The video is pretty dad is the one in the red tank top and the bandana.  My brother is the one in the Addis t-shirt.

My dad was the lead on this project, meaning that it he was the one commissioned to paint it.   The butterfly was his concept and was a theme for him in many of his murals.  He got his friends, all well respected artists in their own right, to help him out.  He painted the butterfly, and the bottom story...I am not sure who painted the other three.  I will have to ask him.

It was called the Macy's Mural.

 Somehow those two worlds just don't jive in my mind.

I guess that is why they did's bohemian.

It is still there today on the side of the Macy's building in  downtown Sacramento, CA.

My dad didn't know that this was out in the ethers of the internet, so I sent it to him.

He replied, "Time goes fast, get to work mi hija (my daughter)."

That is the only thing he knows how  to say in spanish.  Silly dad.

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