Friday, January 7, 2011


On Fridays at Chez DeLap, our week ends and we get three nights and two days to recharge for the coming week.  We often take Friday nights for sleepovers, friends over, movie nights and the like.  And as an added bonus, we get to sleep in...that's right...Saturday Sleep institution everywhere.

I am under no delusions that we are the only family that experiences this every week.  I relish the collective exhale of Friday afternoons.  The experience is palpable.

But to get to the afternoon...there is the the morning.  And because I procrastinate, things are often quite busy and a little stressful on Friday mornings.

I teach an art class to 7th and 8th graders of Friday afternoons...last period of the day...end of the week.

Generally speaking, they are fried like everyone else...maybe more so because of the raging hormones and all.

I really think that for the students, art is the perfect end to their week.  A calm, quiet, reverential closing to the hectic roller coaster week of the typical early teen.

Great for them...

For me, I would prefer to teach Monday morning at 8:00am sharp, because that is when I am ON.  That is when I am focused, ready and most importantly because then it would be out of the way leaving the rest of the week for other pursuits.

Alas the world rarely arranges itself around how I would like to have it.

Oddly, I think this is good for me.  But clearly I dislike it.

This week I left everything until after the kids left for school this morning, irritated with myself for procrastinating and a little panicked about my lesson plan for the day.  There were many factors at hand in my level of stress about this weeks lesson, so many reasons they hurt my brain.  I won't go into them all, I already went over them with Marcus this morning and I think he fell into a coma for a minute or two.

There has to be a lesson plan this afternoon, so I had to get to work.

Every once in a while as I am dreading something and panicked about it, I do something that doesn't come naturally to me...I let go...and roll with it.  If I were a religious person...I would say something here like...I let go and let God.  Since I am not...I won't.

Maybe if I got out of my own way more often, things might get a little easier.

OR...maybe if I don't control everything, the world will spin out of control causing mayhem and chaos everywhere and I will finally be able to tell Marcus..."I told you so."  I bet he would love that.

Friday morning lesson...Get out of your own way.

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