Thursday, August 19, 2010

Garden Scramble

Mother nature is at the peak of her bounty at this time of year.

And she has been at it in my garden!

With all the goodies coming out of my garden, I decided to make a big breakfast this morning.

Now...the cheese I didn't grow, or the eggs or the tomato, or the chives, or the zucchini.
Everything else...came from my garden.

I melted butter over med-high heat.

Sauteed the wax pepper and onions...from my garden.

Then in went the zucchini and kale.

While those cooked,  I scrambled the eggs and added the chives.  

I used 10 eggs...really.  I am feeding a 15 year old football player.  If you haven't come to that time in your life but it is afraid...very afraid.  

In went the eggs.

And then the cheese.
 Again...I am feeding a football player.

Cooking away.

The very best part.

This was my portion.  
The Football Player's was way bigger, and there were three pieces of toast with butter.  
He didn't get any tomatoes or jalapenos though...sucker!

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