Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I am back from vacation.

Back from California.

Back from the edge of reason...wait, no that was Bridget Jones.

We had  great trip, but as always, we didn't get to do everything that we wanted to do or see everyone we wanted to see.

Next time...always next time.

We did have a really great time doing what we did.

We went to San Franciso.  Some of us (not me) went to a SF Giants game.  We spent time with our niece Lily.  We saw Marcus' parents.  We helped out on my dad's property building a shed.  We had a spiritual out of body experience.  We went kayaking.  We visited with old family friends.  We made jewelry.  We slept in.  We ate yummy things.

I don't know quite where to start, or what to share first.

So, when in doubt, jump in with both feet...blindly.  Don't ask questions and don't look back. (That is my advice for today.)

When on a long road trip with teenagers...you hardly know they are there.  At least mine.  Now that they have ipods, and one has a computer, they are totally tuned out and plugged in, much to my dismay.  Don't worry, I will get over it.

This trip, for the very first time ever...(and we take a lot of road trips, always have.)  They got to watch a movie.  I think they have before when they were on trips with my sister Nava, but NEVER  with me.  I like to make them suffer, make them miserable, make them unhappy.  I feel it is my personal responsibility as a loving mother.  What I like best about making them unhappy is that they have to get creative, learn something, be bored, use their brains.  I think there is much to learn from being bored.    But today, that is beside the point...kind of.

After our long day in San Franciso, we were all  tired.  My family had spent 8 hours on the road the day before.  We were like zombies.  My kids had those evil ipods plugged in and as I thought, tuned out.   I thought that they were missing out on visiting with their aunt and uncle and cousin.  But only for a second...then I fell into a sleep like trance state.

I was awoken by giggles.  The out of control, body shaking, exhausted giggles of a four year old on too little sleep and a long day away from home.

Maybe the kids weren't missing out on as much as I thought.

Bonding with family...check.  Me being put back in my place...check.  Creating life long memories...check. 

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