Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day...alas it is bitter sweet.  The day we all get a chance to think about the miracle of our mothers.  The miracle of life.  The miracle of her very body putting us here on this earth.  I tell my kids all the time, not just on Mother's Day.

"I made you.  I made you out of my blood, my air, my food, I shared my body with you.  I let you live there for 9 months and two weeks; you were BOTH LATE!"

Not that I am bitter about that whole late thing, we will get to the bitter.

But what I tell them more than anything is that I made them with LOVE.  At which point they gag, hold up their hands and utter things like,

"Oh my god, stop there!"
"Why do you have to say things about that?"
"TMI, Mom, TMI!"
"That's gross."

They haven't yet discovered the miracle of love and how it make all life possible.  They just don't want to invision their parents kissing.  Who does?

So LOVE, Love is the sweet, always good to start with the sweet.

And now for the bitter...

My mom died 10 years ago. Suddenly, of a massive heart attack.  And I was with her.  I won't go much further about that part, don't want to scare anyone off quite yet, there's still plenty of time for me to scare you away.

Any who...

Today I miss my mother.  Not that I don't miss her everyday, because I do.  But a whole day to celebrate her, on a day when my family celebrates me.  Somehow, it feels weird.  Don't get me wrong, not having to be responsible for a present or a call, beautiful.  I am not one for responsibilities, they scare me.  Or obligations, they make me mad, but I would do it all, a thousand calls, a thousand thoughtful, on-time gifts for just one day.

Just one day with my mom.

The cuttie pie with the handbag is me, I will tell you about the other two little girls later.
Okay the one on the right is my brother, Mountain was the 70's, give him a break.


  1. Beautiful tribute to your mom Nalii, and welcome to blogland. My blog has helped me to grow in so many ways. Look forward to reading along. Love ya, sarah

  2. Thanks Sarah...I am really excited about it. After just one post, I feel so liberated. Saying something out loud, even if people aren't listening is cathartic.

  3. That was really nice! When is the chapter on me? I have some thoughts.