Friday, May 21, 2010

Lucky Little Lily

My niece is from Guatemala.  I have never been to Guatemala, but I hope to go some day.  Hopefully with my niece.


Her name is Lily like the flower, but I like to think of her as Ruby, her middle name.  If I were her parents I would have given her that name first. I like to control things.  Even things that have nothing to do with me at all.

She is four. I don't live anywhere near her, she is 500 miles away.  That makes me sad.  When my oldest graduates high school, she will only be eight.  My youngest, Sophia loves her,  but doesn't get to see her very often.  That make me sad too.  Sophia would be the perfect baby sitter, and role model.

Even though it was her birth mother who brought her physical body into this world, I am pretty sure these people were destined to be her parents.

It is funny how the world works like that.  You can come all the way from heaven, and travel thousands of miles just to find your soul parents, the ones that were meant for us.  I am pretty sure that I just traveled down I-80 from  Auburn to Sacramento to find mine.

Her journey was very different.  Her journey was special.

None of us know our destiny when we get to this planet, that is part of what we do while we are here.  But to have traveled thousands of miles, have not one but two mamas and two daddy's, that is lucky.  That is special.  That is one blessed little girl.  One lucky little girl.

  When I write a book about her, that is what I am going to call it.

                                                          Lucky Little Lily

She is so much luckier than my kids.  I beat them.

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  1. You should have told me I was gonna need to pretend to have something in my eye when reading this. It is me who is lucky to get to be her mama. She loves her Auntie Marcus Uncle Nalii and her two sisters Kai and Sophia. I've tried to correct her but she just continues to call you all these things. And truly I think it is really funny. I'm honored that she has family that love her so much my Lucky little Lily. Oh and beating her is what I am supposed to do to make her turn out as good as your kids, note taken