Monday, November 21, 2011

Mushroom Turnovers

It is almost Thanksgiving and I am heading out of town to meet up with my whole family to share the holiday of gratitude together.

It's gonna be a blast, but first I have to get ready.  Cooking, laundering, packing, planning, budgeting...and because I am knee deep in baking and cooking and boxes of wine (not boxed wine), I thought I would make my life infinitely more complicated.  I thought I would spend time cooking things I am not taking with me.  Like last night, Marcus and I made a chocolate almond torte, just to eat.  Why would we do such a thing?

Today, because I bought way too many mushrooms at the store because they were a good deal, I did this.

Heaven help me...isn't there something else I should be doing?

Actually, these are very impressive but so easy to make you can make them while you do laundry, make lists, make turkey stock and inventory wine.

They would be great made smaller and served as appetizers or for a main dish for vegetarians at your Holiday Feast.  

Or for a Monday afternoon lunch.

I cooked up my mushrooms in olive oil in small batches so they would brown nicely.  In the last batch I added sliced garlic and chopped fresh rosemary.  Any fresh herb you have around would work, I just happen to have this around.

I also defrosted store bought puff pastry.  It sounds fancy, but it's very easy to work with and fairly inexpensive.

I cut my sheets in half, but you could make them smaller or leave it large.  It would really depend on your mood and the crowd you are serving. 

Once you have the right size puff pastry for your life, put a dollop of plain ole' cream cheese on one half of your future turnover.

Next pile on your mushroom mixture.

Fold over your puff pastry and seal all the edges.

Put all your turnovers on a cookie sheet, I cut slits in the top of my turnovers to let steam out.

I baked the turnovers in 400 degree oven for 20 minutes.  Then cooled them on a wire rack.

These are lovely warm or at room temperature.  
I will pair these with a green salad and serve with a crisp glass of white wine.  
Or maybe I will eat them all standing in my kitchen before the kids come home from school so I don't have to share.  

I'm conflicted.

If you like mushrooms, cream cheese and flaky buttery crust and you have nothing better to do this week, or even if you do...try these out.  

They won't disappoint.

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