Wednesday, September 21, 2011

School Starts Again-A Black and White Issue

Summer is over, the school year is underway and all is as it should be.

It feels good to be back in rhythm, with a schedule.

This year I am working with the middle school children at The Village School here in Eugene.

Teenagers are a moody intense bunch.  For the most part it passes, which is a good thing.

But whilst they are in this intense phase of their lives, I think teens should embrace and explore the darker sides of their psyches.  Because I think we can only truly find our way to light when we acknowledge the darker aspects of ourselves and the world.

Teenagers gravitate towards this behavior naturally.  They test boundaries, they break rules, they dye their hair, rip holes in perfectly good clothing, they pierce things, they party...all in an attempt to explore the darker, edgy side of life.

For my first class this year, I thought that I might help some young students explore the dark and the light in a safe guided charcoal, on paper.

Twelve drawings, twelve different view points. 

When you give teenagers all the tools, some guidance and lots of praise...some really good things happen.

Student's on left, teacher's on the right.

We often see the world in black and white, especially teenagers. But there are many shades between those two polarities.  Many shades, many textures...and they are all beautiful.

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