Thursday, May 26, 2011

A belated Mother's Day

This year I was suppose to spend Mother's Day watching my lovely daughter play softball.  But alas Oregon Weather had different plans.

So upon waking in a hotel room far from home, my husband and daughter took me to breakfast at the dive across the street from said hotel room.  There I was given a wilty rose, a cup of coffee, standard breakfast with eggs over easy and english muffin well toasted.

On the drive back home I was wondering what else my family had in store for me.  Roses, tiny gifts wrapped in pretty paper, the house cleaned, a movie and dinner, maybe even a free pass to read my book quietly for a couple of hours?

Returning home we unpacked the car, started the laundry, pulled stuff out for dinner, surveyed the home work my son got done while we were gone, and then I waited.  I waited for the gifts to come pouring in.

I waited.  And I waited.  And I waited some more.

Then I heard Marcus tell Kai...Did you wish your mom a happy mothers day?

That's when I knew.  That's when I knew these people were horrible, terrible, unfeeling, selfish, individuals.  I could feel it in my bones.  I knew deep down.

Then whilst stewing over being under appreciated for creating these people with my very blood, sweat and tears, Marcus said...Hey, wanna go get some plants?

Okie Dokie Smoky!  Now we're talkin'!

On my way out the door...being the ever loving, all understanding and nurturing mother I am, I threw a pillow at Sophia while she was texting one of her friends and said...Dude, where's my mother's day gift?    (Don't worry...I have a savings for her therapy in adulthood.)

She launched into an array of reasons why she didn't do anything or get me anything for this Hallmark Card day.

I told her...Talk to the hand cuz the face ain't listenin'.

When I got back with an arm full of flowers and veggies for my garden, Sophia handed me this.

A Mother  A Mother  A Mother
When you're a child she walks before you, to set an example.
When you're a teenager she walks behind you, to be there should you need her.
When you're an adult she walks beside you, so that as two friends you can enjoy life together.

She got a free pass, she fell into my good graces again.  Kind of.
Kai...dead to me!

A couple of days later, on a rare afternoon when neither of my children had anything to do after school, and the sun was out, they helped me in the garden.  I didn't ask, it just kinda happened.  We worked for about 2 hours in the warm sun, just the three of us.  The kids took turns shoveling, pulling weeds and talking to each other without yelling.  When we were done, Sophia said...that was fun.  Kai didn't complain...about anything.

In those two hours I was gifted more than I could have asked for on any Mother's Day.  A true, honest, spontaneous, sincere gift.  They don't even know they gave it.  And I didn't make any big deal out of it.

  It was so special, so sacred to me. 

 And while I really love presents, especially wrapped pretty with bows and ribbons, the true gift of mother hood could never fit into any box.

I may never have another Mother's day gift so cherished again, and that is okay with me.
I may not get any presents or flowers and that is okay with me.

Because I didn't get into this motherhood gig for the swag.

But don't tell any of them that...I want them to think they need to get me presents. 
 Keeps them honest.

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