Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine for Family

There are so many ways to approach life.

For the most part our tendency is to approach life the way in which we were brought up.

Not everyone, some people live their lives in contrast to their up bringing...sometimes almost as if they are running away from it.  I can relate.

There are lots of times in my life when I have been running away from the way I was brought up, struggling to be my own person, pushing away from the values I grew up around.

But as is often the case in my life and maybe yours too...the more I ran and pushed and struggled, the more I became what I was trying to resist.  Who would have thunk?

Lucky for me I have had lots of therapy from some really good people and I also have some really great friends.  Friends are the very best, cheapest therapy out there.  Honest...

Once I finally got over my resistance to who I was and where I came from, I was able to appreciate it and build upon it.  One might call this maturing.

What I found out along the way is that I have this family for a reason.  I have this family because they are perfectly suited to challenge me to be a better citizen of the universe.  And they have me in their lives for the very same reason.

So on this Valentines Day...I am celebrating LOVE... a love of those and for those who helped make me who I am.  And while the people that are in my life now hold no less of a cherished place in my is the four members of my early years that I am celebrating today.

On February 26th we will all be together again doing something we all love doing ART.  It might be said that this is what we do the best.  
 As my sister Nava would say...this is in our wheel house.

(It is misleading to say we will ALL together again for this event, we are missing one person.  And really, we miss her every day, not just at big events.  Can I get an AMEN for my mother Roz Padilla?)  

Although it is never easy being a family, it sure is good to be one.

Hope to see all my CA peeps out on the 26th!  Free gift in it for everyone who let's me know you are coming and then shows up...SERIOUS!  Ask me about it...

Happy Valentines Day!

And remember...a day of love isn't just about our life's about everyone in our lives that we love.


  1. Very eloquently said. And I have heard your brother say many of the same things reflecting back on life so far. I think the search for the self is a universal experience, however, not everyone makes it through all of their family histories. Those who do, I think, are able to live their lives more fully, and become realized in their dreams and goals in life. Love you. Deanne