Tuesday, November 2, 2010


When I was a kid...I hated mushrooms.  Hated them.  Gagging, sick to my stomach hated them.

But along with maturity comes the wisdom to expand our minds, hearts and our taste buds.

I have come to love fungi and all it's applications.

Right before I left to California a week or so ago, my friend dropped off a bag of wild harvested chanterelles that she and her family harvested together.  Lucky me!

I have never worked with such a pretty fungi before.

Now that I have...I'm hooked!

Mushrooms and pasta seemed like a good fit.  Bacon goes with anything.

These lacy mushrooms are intricate and gorgeous.

Kale and bacon are a nice pair...add in mushrooms...brilliant!

My family came from the far reaches of the kingdom to seek out the treat from whence the aromas were wafting.
Vultures...I couldn't keep them away...even with that wooden spatula I kept handy to swat them back. 

Mushrooms need to be cooked on crazy high heat, not salted, and quickly.  A sear really, it is so often done incorrectly...my heart is heavy with the knowledge.

I love this shape of pasta...it is called orecchiette, for it's ear shape.  Glorious I tell you, simply glorious!

My family ate the whole huge bowl I made that night.  I made them all eat salad too, mostly just for appearances though.  

The football season is over...but the football player just keeps eating and eating.  There are hardly ever leftovers...and I love leftovers.

Maybe I will enter him in a pie eating contest so he can start putting those skills to good use and bring Mama home some bacon. 

For real...if he just brought home bacon I would be happy.

I love bacon.

And I love chanterelles.

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