Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Illustrations and a Lodge

While I was in Canada, I got to stay at wonderful lodge in Pemberton BC.  Pemberton is about half an hour from Whistler, where the winter Olympics were.  Some of the events, the other ones were in case you forgot.

This lodge I stayed in is called Lillooet River Lodge.

It is a wonderful place and I highly recommend that if you are interested in a little getaway over the boarder,  you book it now and leave tonight.

And no, I am not being paid to say this.

View from the back deck.

I took this picture while laying in bed one morning, maybe it was after a nap.  

Yes, I took naps on my Canadian Holiday.

What really blew my mind was that on the book shelf, I discovered this.

This is a book from my youth.  I am sure many of you had the same one, it was a popular publication.  Actually, I think it still is.

I used to look at this book for hours, taking in the illustrations.  
The art has always been what interested me, even when I was 4 years old.

No one ever read me the stories from this book, so I had to ascertain what was going on simply from images.  Turns out I wasn't right.  

 I think that it was for the best that I never associated the stories with the illustrations.  I let the illustrations tell their own stories to me.  Eventually I hooked them together with the right stories, but much later in life.

I think that we could all use fewer words, stories, dialogs, headlines, narratives accompanying our images these days.  Maybe if images could tell their own stories more often, our inner dialogue would be richer.  Maybe the images would mean more if we got a chance to process them first before someone told us what or how we should be enjoying or taking them in.

Maybe...maybe I would just like to see more picture books around.  More illustrations.  More art.

Definitely more picture books.

 DEFINITELY more art.

Because if there is anything that can make your life richer inside and is ART!

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